Focus Blur

This is the cityscape of Spokane, Washington. Looking out from Cliff Drive, I decided to do something different. Everyone takes night scape photos from this location. Why would I want to take a photo that looks exactly like everyone else’s?

This is where the focus blur comes in.

Moving the focus in and out and out and in while moving the camera about, I wanted to make something unique. What I really like about this shot is that it looks so much like a bunch of comets, a wonderful little galaxy of lights.

This one is still Spokane. Looking south this time just as the sun was going down. The cream color lights come from a Safeway and the orange comes from a pretty eerie and empty parking lot. Actually the spot this was taken at was right next to a cemetery.

Focus blur is such a treat to look at when it’s done right. These are the very first of a whole series I want to put together for the summer. And of course there’s going to be plenty more (hopefully) tomorrow from the fireworks show.

Happy Independence Day!

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