Fiery Fourth in the Beer Garden


Oh yes. That’s where I spent my time at the park today. In the beer garden, downing a nice creme ale, and scouting out the best place there to get some shots of the fireworks.

There weren’t any good places.

People hogged all the tables, so I found myself sitting on the ground with my camera perched up on a cement ledge next to some lovely mosquito infested flowers. Mind you, I don’t own a tripod. Long exposures aren’t really my thing. I’d honestly would need a tripod three times out of the year for the things I want to shoot.


I’m really amused how the only thing in focus in this shot are the flipping fireworks and the pavilion. HA!

And then, there was this awful pesky light.

It kept glaring into my lens. And of course, I don’t own a light hood. So, having placed my wallet and my cellphone under my camera’s lens to get it at the proper angle, I grabbed my friend’s package of chips ahoy cookies and set it next to my camera.


Amazed at all the trouble I went through, those damn fireworks STILL were clear as my love for cheese.

Yeah, annoying light. We called it, “the ghetto set-up.” I thought it was pretty crafty, or it might have just been the craft beer I was drinking.

So while I pressed the shutter button and watched fireworks light up the sky and while the people next to us lit up their blunts (hey, it’s legal here), I ended up with some pretty, but cropped, shots. Photos I never thought I’d achieve!


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