Following Egypt: From the Spring to the Second Ousting

Everyone had been watching the fall and the rise and even more rising of Charlie Sheen while there was a little known Arab Spring starting to erupt. It’s sometimes disappointing knowing that Egypt was the country that sparked the US’s interest in the Middle East event, Bahrain was just a small little event on everyone’s radar.

I took a huge interest in Egypt. I discovered Al Jazeera English because of protests against Mubarak. I discovered Ayman Mohyeldin, now one of my favorite journalists. because of the uprising. And then there’s twitter, with people who live and work in Egypt talking about their every day on-goings in the country. I followed them to get a better narrative and I never stopped.

Sultan Al Qassemi was one of those tweeters that I took interest in. I never stopped following. These past years he’s expressed his and others’ grievances with the government and other social aspects in their daily lives. I compare all these tweets with what I hear in the US media and it’s incredible. Our media is so fragmented. We claim we have 24 hour news networks, but once it hits midnight on the East coast, there’s repeats. What the hell kind of news channel has repeats of earlier news casts? There’s a reason it’s called News. It’s NEW. News is just a pluralized version of the word NEW.

Which now that you think about it, English sounds incredibly dumb and lazy with an explanation like that.

It’s no surprise. I know news can’t work like twitter. I know twitter can’t be like the news. I’m stunned that there’s such a difference in narrative. It’s even more sad that there aren’t enough foreign field reporters.

Here’s a country that can band together and can overthrow two regimes. It’s a country that has shown the world that they will not be messed around with. I admire their determinism.

I’m also glad I have social media to let me see a more in depth narrative to a story that will get two minutes of air-time on the evening news, when this has been in the making since the last elections. Of course, this insight is taken with a grain of salt.


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