Team Fortress and Masochism

These past few weeks I’ve gotten back into the groove. Playing Team Fortress 2 and drawing digitally and all the fun stuff. Thanks to actually having a laptop that can handle all the procrastination.

In my TF2 adventures, I’ve killed and dominated Christmas multiple times. I’ve been teammates with Adolf Hitler (curse you autobalance! I wanted to kill him!), and I’ve made Stephen Colbert my tag. In result I can watch his glorious Chuck Noblet face stare at me in disdain while I light five or so other people on fire.


I play as Jerri Blank by the way. Probably one of my favorite characters of all time in the history of television (look up Strangers with Candy). It kind of makes me sad because no one has gotten the reference, yet.


The Brony Server. Some say that it’s filled with terrible dirty things that only belong in underground dungeons. I say they’re some of the best people to play with. Oh, and who can’t resist watching a replay of Pinkie Pie getting sniped in the head over and over?

I think I wrote this post out of boredom. I think. It’s summer break. I got nothing to talk about. /Personal.

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