I never know what to say when someone compliments my photos on flickr. I am grateful for them. I really appreciate it. But there’s that dastardly voice in my head that tells me, “no, a thank you is pointless they’ll just think, ‘well duh,'” and so I stop myself.

I bet I come across as extremely rude in some cases. I’m just nervous. Another thing to work on I guess.

I hear a lot of people saying they’re more comfortable talking online. That’s true for me as well, but it has its limits. I still freak out ordering pizza online, let alone tweeting someone I don’t know on the first go.

2 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Sometimes you can’t say anything but thank you, which is a lot better, I think, than saying nothing at all. A thank you acknowledges that you have seen what they have written and you appreciate it. If someone was standing next year and your image was on the wall and that “wow that is a great image”, what would you say then? Most of us would “oh thank you”, why should it be any different online? That is just my opinion however.

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