A Taste of Autumn

58 degrees and rainy. A wonderful taste of the autumn to come. I’m always conflicted about the season. The sun sets so early, it’s cold, it’s dreary. It makes my depression even more difficult to cope with.

But then I remember how one can snuggle up in blankets with a good book. I remember how there’s good cups of warm coffee and hot cocoa and tea. Candles are the perfect way to brighten a dark room and warm it up with a glorious fragrance. Those are the things I need to focus on. Writing long hand is something worth focusing on as well.

Why avoid when I should embrace?

There are so many things to see in the autumn! I must be thankful!

“Spokane in the Fall” | Brittany Deniston | Flickr

Spokane in the fall. Seeing all the different shades of color just in the cityscape, is spectacular. One day it will only be a few trees that have changed, and then the next more and more change. It’s a cycle that goes on, a very slow time lapse that’s ever present in the mind.


“Autumn Dew” | tealaeves | deaviantArt

I get to experiment with colors and try something new with lighting, photo-wise. Mentally, I get to try and find new ways to find beauty in death.

“The Clock Tower in Fall” | tealaeves | deviantArt

And of course, it helps when you have perfect postcard spots in the city!

So with fall comes the ending of baseball. I’ll say “next year” in respect to the Mets and then I’ll head off to the county fair. School will begin and I will find myself coming home in the dark.

But on the weekends, I’ll find beauty in a season that normally brings on the beginning of grief. I’ll remember the day my grandma died. I’ll remember the day I was mugged. But I’ll also remember the days when I played in the leaves and went to greenbluff to go pumpkin picking. I’ll remember finding leaves as big as my size 8 1/2 feet.

I’m actually nostalgic for autumn. It takes rainy days in August to make me feel like I might have a better year this time around.

“Japanese Garden” | tealaeves | deviantArt

The Japanese Garden is a great place to see magnificent colors in the fall.

“Giant Leaf” | tealaeves | deviantArt

This leaf was massive!

“Manito BLVD” |tealaeves | deviantArt


*all photos by me EXCEPT for the first photo in this post. So I’d like to thank that person for allowing the photo to be downloaded and shared. It links back to the photo page if you so wish to view it in full there!

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