A Newspaper headline

I’ve written a few of them. I’ve seen my headline writing work in the papers on campus. It’s an art form, they say. It’s tough, they say. It takes a lot of work, they say.

Yeah and they also say you should refrain from puns.

I was one of those people. A pun here and there; I would go absolutely insane.

It wasn’t until I started copy editing for our campus paper rather than writing for it, did I understand the magic of punny headlines and just plain humorous ones. Layout night is where I learned the most fundamental rule:

Do not let yourself go crazy with work.

And this is why we ended up running a headline that could be read as a sophomore killing people at volleyball games.

Alleviating the insanity it is of the last minute deadlines, there needs to be fun. Sorry headlines, you’re important, but you the brunt of our stressed out minds hoping for some semblance of rest.

“Sam Houston devours Eagles’ defense”

Yes Sam Houston. I hope those eagles tasted lovely.

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