A Very tl;dr Doctor Who post

Doctor. Doctor Who?

I’ve thought about it. I’ve taken the time to really think about the 50th anniversary special since it aired. There were so many things that I wish could have been, like more classic Doctors making appearances. However, after watching Peter Davison’s wonderful classic who reunion special, I’m not too upset anymore. It was something extra special. It was something that I’m glad had Moffat’s support.

Ew. Did I just say something nice about Steven Moffat?

But in the special itself, I saw references to the first episode which excited me. Yes, the opening titles, but also the foreman sign that was present 50 years ago. It was a pleasant little package of “hey, we’re still here too.” Not to mention Susan’s profile photo. I wish there was more information about her in the reboot. Yeah, she falls in love with a human and decides to leave the Doctor, but what happened in her life? Does the Doctor check in on her from time to time? This is something I’d enjoy playing around with in the Capaldi era.

The special was also a great preview for what can and might happen with the twelfth doctor. Searching for Gallifrey and hopefully being more at peace with himself, I feel like the Doctor can go on more quirky adventures. He can finally have some sort of vacation from all the nonsense. Again, thanks Moffat…

But back into the past, with appearances from Tom Baker and his scarf, to a very small glimpse of Nine, this episode was very touching to me on a personal level. My mother found out I watched Doctor Who two years ago despite me watching it in high school, and one of the things she told me was that her mom would always watch the show when it aired on PBS. Those classic Tom Baker episodes with Sarah Jane would fill the house while my mother sighed as she never really appreciated the show (until Tennant came along. Jeez, my own mother is a Ten fangirl). I’d like to think that if my grandma were still alive, she’d have watched the show and recognized the fourth doctor, HER doctor. When I watched the rebroadcast, that went through my mind and I ended up sobbing.

It was a good episode. It packed a punch for everyone who enjoys the show. And I think it went back to its core value: telling stories. It’s all about telling stories and learning from them whether that be in a historical scope or an emotional scope.

I just wish there were more character development with the companions. Especially Clara. I’d like to see her living her normal life. I’d like to see more of what knowing the Doctor does to someone like her. I just want to see a normal person being normal for once. Don’t let them be exceptional or do exceptional things. Let them be normal and let them be affected by the Doctor in an average daily setting.

I’ve also been trying to figure out where in Ten’s timeline this episode fell. In “The End of Time” he says he’s 906, and in this episode he’s 904. I can only assume this is after the mess with the Doctor Donna and right before “The End of Time.” Since the Ood do say he’s been wasting time traveling places. So perhaps he just came back from the 50th and then some in “The End of Time.”

Which leads me to Billie Piper’s role. I actually very much enjoyed her as being the interface. I liked how she wasn’t Rose Tyler, but Bad Wolf. I liked how there was no interaction between Ten and her. Thank you Moffat, you saved me from a mushy gushy mess of crap. I think it added another layer to the story. Rose is still important to her. And the fact that the interface brought in both Ten and Eleven illustrates how important Rose was to him as a living being. She’s going to be an imprint on him for his whole life, as how the interface was acting like an imprint with the War Doctor, always there in his thoughts and his sight.

Seeing as this post is already tl;dr, I’ll sign off. I enjoyed the special thoroughly.

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