Bring on Summer

I have free time. I’m not sure what to do. I guess it’s the inevitable for summer break, with the long sunny days and the no access to the bus system. I’m stuck in a small area of town. So only a week into freedom, and I’m wishing I had more goals to attain.

The thing about school that I like, is the commute. I think living 20 or so miles from campus lets me truly prepare for the nitty gritty in life. I read stories about how people commute 3-4 hours for their jobs. At least going to a commuter college gives me a head start on that possible future. Best of all, I don’t drive it; I ride the bus.

This travel gets me focused for the day. I have to BE somewhere. That’s a problem I’ve always had. I can’t go for a walk, because there isn’t a destination for me. I need to have that kind of structured goal.

So when summer comes, yes I’m grateful for the sun and the leisure. But soon enough I succumb to the rut of it. This year though, I have a plan.

I’ll keep going to the park. I’ll photograph. But now I’m going to set precise photography goals. I’ll try and work on one aspect each day. I truly want to further myself as a photographer and not simply a hobbyist.

My larger goal is creating healthy habits. Less soda, more water. Less sitting around, more play. Habits take 30 days to acquire (or drop), so I’ve got the whole summer to get myself ready for the school year. I want nothing more than being healthy and fit. I hate being a fat slob.


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