It’s Dead.

I will miss you SD card. You served me well. Well, you almost served me well. The least you could have done was hold out until I got the photos I wanted from today onto my laptop.

But alas, the beautiful bokeh cacti shots I captured wasn’t worth the wait apparently.


I have to wait until Monday just too get close and personal with you again camera. I hope you don’t miss me. I’m sorry SD was a bitch.


Key to Self-Confidence? A Septum Piercing.

After I witnessed a confrontation with a man threatening to shoot people on the street, I was taken to the back area of a local tattoo shop. I signed my consent forms and lied down on a comfy bench. Clamps braced my nose and the needle went right through. 

Unlike other people who told me about their septum piercing experiences, I had no blood, I didn’t tear up or even more dreadfully, sneeze. In fact, the whole process hurt less than getting my earlobes done.

I walked out of the piercing shop with my new circular barbell in my nose. I was so excited and happy and felt like I was ready to take on the world. A week later, I’m still feeling incredible. I feel like I have an upper hand on some people. 

“Yeah, look at me. I am brave enough to watch a needle go through my own nose.”

Best feeling in the world.

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