10 Minutes Later….

Sometimes, I live tweet POTUS and his speeches. This time, I took a different route.



Something in me possessed me to write fan fiction. No less actually tweet it out.


Joe and Barry – couples counseling

On my tumblr I’d occasionally take photos from the White House flickr feed and create stories with Joe Biden and Barack Obama. “Joe and Barry’ is what I named these posts. The spark notes version of their relationship? Barry has a habit of taking Joe’s football.

Counselor – “Look Barry, I don’t think you should be so rude to Joe. He only wants to help. I think you’re being very arrogant and inconsiderate to him. You wouldn’t want to feel invalid yourself, do you?” Barry – “Would you trust a man who remakes your agendas out of cheese and deli meats with all the nuclear weapons we have?”


And of course, here’s Joe’s side of the story:

Joe – “It’s like he’s breaking up with me! I didn’t know he didn’t like all those things with the ice cream and me running around with my shirt off in the oval office shooting off super soakers. He laughed. I thought he liked it!” Counselor – “Oh Joe, maybe we should go get some beer.”

This is my seventh post on this blog and look how downhill it has already gone.