10 Minutes Later….

Sometimes, I live tweet POTUS and his speeches. This time, I took a different route.



Something in me possessed me to write fan fiction. No less actually tweet it out.


Zimmerman found not guilty, still not free

I can assure, that George Zimmerman will not live a happy life. Such a highly publicized trial has led millions of people to form their own opinions about what happened.

Zimmerman shot a young man. That’s what happened.

And he deserves punishment.

So let’s look at twitter’s shining reaction to the not guilty verdict. And may George Zimmerman be shunned into a life of solitude and depression and possibly worse mental health than any one man can achieve while in jail.

I’d like to remind everyone that the courts have their procedures for a multitude of reasons. And quite honestly, the only people who have valid opinions are the people who sat in that courtroom since day one. They know the words and evidence used. They know what plagued the system. Unfortunately the state didn’t balance the equation. It happens more than we see.

A young man died because of an idiot. Make Zimmerman’s life miserable. Shun him. Give him dirty looks. Make him feel unwanted and disgusting.

It may not be in the eyes of the state, but Zimmerman’s punishment is coming.

Hello and welcome to the rest of your miserable fucking life.

Amanda, Please.

Occasionally I’ll go on to her twitter. I stare at it and if I didn’t know who she was I’d think she was some sort of idiot 13 year-old trying to be cool.

Okay, she’s an idiot 14 year-old trying to be cool.

And then she tweeted this:

I don’t really have an opinion on it, but others do. And so I think I’m going to compile a list of responses that really made me laugh.

Let me tell you Brittany, she’s already getting it with “Black twitter.”

Amanda Bynes, you’re worthy of my favorite reaction image: