My prices are per character. For simple lineart (no colors) I charge $5. Flat colors (without shading) I charge $7. Color with simple shading is $10. A more painty flashy color will cost roughly $12.

For pixel art like the Stephen and Conan ones I’ve done, those will be $15 because they nearly make you go blind when you have to edit pixel by pixel.

As for backgrounds, I am not going to offer those, because I am not confident in the skills for that. So you can have either a transparent background or a color fill or even both (I’d send you two different files).


You and I (heh, lady gaga) will collaborate to figure out what you want, that is if you don’t have a set image in mind. Or hell, you can tell me to wing it and come up with something.

All of this talk can range from the size of your image. I will always create a file in 300 dpi, so you can print it without it being ugly. You can also specify colors, brushes, character positions, anything your heart desires and I will tell you if your desires are within my ability.


This may be a quick two hours, to a few days. If I take longer than you’d like feel free to message me.

If you so wish, I can upload or even email you a work-in-progress shot to see if you like where I’m going with it. You’ll be able to tell me if you want some tweaking done (not that kind of tweaking, I do not run a meth operation).


This will be through paypal, so I’d have to acquire an email address you’d want to use for billing.

I will NOT have an up-front fee, because those are silly and I don’t want a possible let-down involve money. I’ve watched plenty of episodes of Judge Judy and I don’t want either of us to end up on there with her yelling at us to put our hands down.

What you get:

You get the original file in the format you choose (png, jpg, tff…). This will be sent by email in most likely a compressed file depending on the size of the blasted thing. Or if you have a gmail account, I can just share the file with you on Google drive.

I still retain the rights to the image. It may be yours to post, print and other shenanigans, but I still have the copyright. So that means no changes to the image that erases the original intentions of the work. I’ll post the image on my arting sites, but with a big ugly watermark on it because hey, YOU paid for it!


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