The Longest Beach Day

Today’s daily prompt asks us to create a holiday in our own honor.

Well this holiday isn’t really a holiday, it’s more or less just a giant celebration because on June 21, it’s the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. And therefore, another celebration will happen on Dec. 21. This holiday will require people to go out to the beach, have some pesto chicken sammiches, and hang out with their friends. And unlike other holidays, this day will start exactly at 12 a.m. and run until 11:59 p.m.

I just want people to go have some fun in the sun. And this way, people will have to make time to relax with friends. One of the best things about friends is that you don’t have to talk to them, but the mere act of sitting next to them, being in their company, THAT should make anyone feel good.

It’s all based on this one fabulous day at the lake I had with a friend this past summer. We lied on the beach, played in the water, had good food, and yet during that entire time, we didn’t talk much. And when we did talk it was about pointless things. No drama. Just good company. I feel that’s what everyone needs. They need to set aside a day filled with nothing but fun. Talking about serious issues should be out of the question. No aunts and grandparents would pester you about dating or school. No parents would be allowed to tell horrific stories about you.

And that’s the problem with these holidays. With Christmas. There’s too much pressure to do right. There’s too much pressure to put on a face and not be yourself. At least with my holiday, the fake face comes off.

Be yourself, relax, eat good food, play in the water and try to build an island. Celebrate the Longest Beach Day. Be a good person, and if your grandma asks if you’re dating, you get full permission to say, “suck it.”