About Me

Jasmine. Observer. Writer. Drawer.

I refuse to call myself a photographer, because I don’t feel worthy enough for the title. So observer is what I identify myself.

Worked for two college publications. The Communicator from Spokane Falls Community College and The Easterner from Eastern Washington University. As a staff writer, I would report on soft news and work on profiles of interesting people around campus along with covering events like drag shows, comedy shows, and club celebrations due to legislative efforts.

At the Easterner I dabbled in photojournalism and illustration. Drawing is another hobby that keeps me up late at night. I prefer to draw digitally, but traditional media isn’t bad either. During the summer, I’ll usually find myself on sites like gaia online drawing people’s avitars for free, just for the sake of having a purpose to draw. 

Occasionally, I like to rant about things. I’m pretty sure people think I’m serious about everything I say. I’ll compare myself to Randy Marsh in an episode of South Park: I can’t turn off the sarcasm.

On a more personal note:

  • 22 years-old..I think.
  • I’m asexual and aromantic. Simply put, I don’t date and I think sex is gross. That does NOT mean I am prude. It also doesn’t mean that I reproduce asexually, although if I did then maybe I’d consider children….that is, if I stop hating children as well.
  • feminist. If you tell me to make a sammich, I will. And then I’ll eat it because I love me a good sammich and I trust no one else to make me one….well, except for that one guy at the subway a few blocks away.
  • I’m too busy to think about religion in a personal matter. Fun to study, not fun to think about my own involvement.
  • I hate political affiliations. I’m going to make fun of you anyway.
  • Colbert Nation member.

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